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Patterns have their own rationale.  Looking at complex visual abstractions, our minds can know things before names for them are found.  A kind of pre-cognitive knowledge about how things are.  I’m interested in experimenting with this.

Some groups of artworks are composed from text which is transformed into patterns from the outlines of all the letters.  Stories, data, news, poetry anything transcribed can be a  starting point.  I work by hand without automation, using digital tools to re-purpose the text.  The work oscillates between a sense of the text (a sense that is without a direct reference, since the text can no longer be discerned) and the originality of the shapes.

Other groups of works are built up by hand from lines and geometric shapes.  This work is active not passive.  This is intentional, as the artwork comes alive and is activated in the optical sense when viewed.  I’m using new tools and techniques unique to the work, that make this possible.  Subtle, fine details right at the limit of perception are harmonizing visually.  For me its about the sympathetic reaction the patterns evoke for the viewer.  Like a meditation on space, color and form.

I’m from New York City, I continue to live and work in the New York Area.  I received a BFA in Fine Art from Ithaca College and went on to study art at The School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design in New York City.