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The sound of a struck bell is powerful and universally attractive. A singular vibration, a call sent through the air that human beings the world over have responded to throughout history. What is it about that sound that strikes such a sympathetic reaction?

This question was on my mind for some time. Although technical explanations are interesting, about the tamber and shape of the vessel struck, setting it vibrating.  Bells have been cast from bronze and iron, materials that vibrate in a tight acoustic pattern.  A physical object with an unseen potential waiting to emanate.  The call and response of the sound is mysterious and there are certain shapes that keep showing up which are unique to these kinds of vibrations.

The word Noetic is a conceit, a made up metaphysical term to describe automatic knowledge.  The knowing of things based purely on intuition.  This seems impossible, but it its true that we can know about things automatically.  We know, in a kind of a stove is too hot by pulling away a finger without thinking.  Thats not intuitive, thats biological, yet we don’t fully understand the link or where free will steps in to take action on this input to our bodies.  It might be that the sound of bells is giving us that sort of message.  That the soul can know something before the mind has a name for it.

The linear elements in these works are like the tension on a string instrument.  A harp or piano, where tension applied to the strings sets the tuning and the possibility for harmonic sounds or musical patterns played and sustained by the musicians contact.  I’m going for a kind of visual tuning, altering straight lines into a visual harmonic.  An image of a steady state of being full of feeling and maybe automatic knowing.

Noetic 6_A ultrachrome inkjet on aluminum 44 x 89 in. 2013

Noetic 6_A ultrachrome inkjet on aluminum 44 x 89 in. 2014

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