These paintings are inspired by thinking about the distributed intelligence of plants and Mycorrhizal fungi.  Recently there have been extraordinary observations about the way fungal networks connect entire ecosystems together, exchanging nutrients and chemicals across root systems of virtually everything growing everywhere.  
No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but he, she it or they have written the computer code and the rules that solved the problem of how to give the world a trust-less distributed peer to peer network for exchanging currency or anything of perceived value on a ledger that is connected to everyone who wants to participate.

  Published anonymously, the Bitcoin White Paper is a nine page document which lays out the initial set of  rules for an entirely new way for people share their digital assets, artworks, music, fortunes and proof of personal identities and more without the need of any oversight, for now.  The overall structure of the network, composed of interconnected blocks of data on many computers across the planet is referred to as the Blockchain.  Its growing along with all other linked entities.    

Satoshi's Garden 031  uv polymer on linen 50 x 52.5 in 2024

Satoshi's Garden 020 uv polymer on linen  52 x 52  in. 2024

Satoshi's Garden 005E uv polymer on linen  72 x 70 in. 2023

Satoshi's Garden 010D uv polymer on linen 52 x 50.5  2023

Satoshi's Garden 006 uv polymer on linen  72 x 70 in. 2023

Satoshi's Garden 002 uv polymer on linen 52 x 50.5  2023

Sketch for Satoshi's Garden 006

Sketch for Satoshi's Garden 005E

Sketch for Satoshi's Garden 005E

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