The artworks are composed from theoretical text about the composition of the universe, Dark matter and multiple dimensions of reality.  I try to remember the roughly 85% of everything everywhere is invisible dark matter.  It interacts somehow in our world without being detected, doesn't emit electromagnetic radiation.  But it's there anyway, like my soul?  

     Superunknown 36 F  uv polymer on aluminum 54 x 52 in 2021

Superunknown 35 Q  uv polymer on aluminum 54 x 52 in 2021

Superunknown 46 C  uv polymer on aluminum 42 x 41"  2023

Superunknown 46 ALT 7. ultraviolet polymer on aluminum 47 x 44"  2023 

Sketch for Superunknown 

Sketch for Superunknown ​​​​​​​

Study For Ten Dimensions 7B ultrachrome ink on canvas 51 x 44 in. 2017

Painted with patterns embedded within the lines of altered text.  

Wisdom Generator A 1  uv polymer on aluminum 54 x 44 in. 2019

Wisdom Generator A 1 detail A

Wisdom Generator W 1  uv polymer on aluminum  52 x 48 in. 2019

Wisdom Generator  W 1  detail C

Wisdom Generator S 11  uv polymer on aluminum 54 x 54 in 2019

Wisdom Generator V 3  uv polymer on aluminum 32 x 28.5 in 2020

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